Kuku Paka

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A curry chicken-coconut dish from East Africa.

You add: 2 chopped chicken breasts, 2 cups or 1 (398 mL) can coconut milk (low-fat optional), 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (optional), 1 large can of diced tomatoes (796ml), and water.

Water: 1 cup water for Kuku Paka Mix / 3 cups water for rice (included in separate bag).

To Make: In a pot add chopped chicken and brown. Add water, Kuku Paka Mix, and tomatoes. Stir and simmer for 30 min or until vegetables are tender.

Meanwhile, in a medium pot, cook rice (included) in 3 cups of water for 14 min.

Remove from heat and allow to set for 5 min. When Kuku Paka is ready, add the coconut milk. Stir gently and simmer until the sauce thickens. Stir in lemon juice. Serve Kuku Paka over rice.


31 reviews for Kuku Paka

  1. Jocelyn


  2. Betty

    Absolutely fantastic

  3. Lucie Prosper (verified owner)

    Such a tasty dish and quick to make. Highly recommend this one!

  4. Paul Vieira

    Wow. Loved this. Great portions – even of the rice, so it fed the two of us for a few meals. Tasty with a nice zip to it.

  5. Kim Kreutzer

    This was the second one I made and again I thought it was fantastic – little kick, lots of leftovers – my son liked this one also!

  6. Trina


  7. Luisa Down

    The second step is “Add water, Kuku Paka mix and tomatoes” but it doesn’t specify how much water.
    The only water in the ingredients list is the three cups of water for the rice. Can you please specify an amount?

    • Leanna Graves

      Hi Luisa,
      It’s one cup of water for the sauce and 3 cups of water for the rice.

  8. Nicole

    Amazing dish…Great flavours! Portion sizes are great too, lots of leftovers for work.

  9. Sarah Duncan

    Loved this. It was my Christmas present and now I’m buying more. So easy for a non-cook too.

  10. Kathleen

    Amazing flavours a requested favourite of my nephews when I come visit

  11. Elaine

    Loved It!! Great balance of flavours!

  12. spencer

    Pretty darn tasty!!!

  13. Kerry

    Growing up in Kenya and South Africa I was excited to try this. Easy to make and not super spicy (East African food can be spicy!). The whole family gave it a thumbs up.

  14. Sarah

    Our family loves this recipe – our toddler included. I always add a bit of extra veggies to the dish. It’s great every time

  15. Melanie Craik

    I added two carrots and half of a cauliflower instead of the second chicken breast and it was AMAZING!!!!! Thank you!

  16. Gail

    So yummy! Flavourful with balanced spices, easy to make and not hot. Need to get back to Duncan market and buy some more!

  17. Peggy Donnelly

    Luka Paka is the best. Been having it for years now but tried it with cut up lamb instead of chicken last night as was Devine. Used leftover lamb roast. So tender. Highly recommend

  18. Lauren Boisvert (verified owner)

    Had this a few summers ago in Cowichan Bay market and fell in love! Nice little kick to it and perfect on a cold winters day! Love your products!

  19. Tana Boyce

    Very tasty, and something new for us to try. Enough for a meal and two more for the freezer.

  20. Natalie Holgerson (verified owner)

    This dinner is the bomb. We love your products so much. Keep up the awesome work.

  21. Rocky

    You won’t find anything more delicious.

  22. Candice

    Even the kids like it!

  23. Julie Burns

    Wonderful meal! Easy to prepare and we added extra carrots, spinach, fresh tomatoes and sugar snap peas to make it go farther. So glad we stopped by the farmer’s market and found this gem!

  24. Elizabeth

    Hello, my sister recommended the Kuku Paka and I am all set to make it. Recipe says 2 chicken breast, can you give me an approximate wt. of chicken as I am using pieces of chicken breast. Thanks

    • Leanna Graves

      Hi Elizabeth. Sorry I missed this! I usually use about a pound of chicken but it won’t affect the flavour if you use more or less:) thank you for your support!

  25. Rose David

    It was amazing and fast. This is the second one I’ve tried. So far so good. Very satisfied with what I’ve made so far. I need to get back to Duncan market and try the others very soon.

  26. Janice McKay

    Finally made this tonight and we all loved it. Great flavours and easy to make…will buy this again for sure. Thank you

  27. MJ

    I was delighted with how delicious this soup is, and absolutely delighted that our 14 yr old granddaughter keeps asking for it.

  28. Fiona Johnson

    Long hard day at work, no time to eat all day, came home and whipped up Kuku Paka in 1/2 hour. Absolutely delicious and so easy and fast! I can see Ed’s soup shack becoming a staple in my pantry in the near future. Thank you! So good!!!!!

  29. shelby murray

    Amazing flavour, such a delicious easy quick meal. The whole family enjoyed and there was a ton of leftovers!

  30. Lynda

    everyone LOVED it!! thanks

  31. Marilyn Wells

    Really, really delicious. I will now get all of your soups to have in my pantry. Thank you. So glad you are local.

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