Mulligatawny Soup

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You add: 2 diced chicken breasts, 2 peeled and diced apples (or unsweetened applesauce), 1 can (14 oz/396 mL) diced tomatoes, 2 cups or 1 can coconut milk or plain yogurt, and 12 cups water.

To make: Bring water to a boil in a large pot. Add Mulligatawny Soup Mix, apples, and tomatoes. Simmer for 1 hour or until vegetables are tender. Optional: use a blender to purée soup mix. Add chicken. Add rice (included in separate bag). Cook for 20 minutes, stirring frequently, or until rice is tender. Add coconut milk or yogurt.

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10 reviews for Mulligatawny Soup

  1. Janice Baker

    Fantastic soup loved by everyone I served to!

  2. Beverley E.

    This is one really delicious soup/meal! We’ve had it a few times now, and loved it. We get the Gluten-Free version out of necessity. One time, I made a big pot, and divided it for a bereaved family, one part was meat eaters, and the other was vegan, which I couldn’t adhere to totally, but nearly. I added chick peas to the latter. They all loved it! Made extra lot for their freezer. I’d like it a little less spicy, but I’m sure I’m in the minority.

  3. Teresa M.

    Yummmmy! It turned out perfect (& I am not the best cook in the world) Everyone loved it …..they wanted more!

  4. Audrey

    AMAZING!!! Love this Soup!

  5. Kim

    The absolute best!!!

  6. Angie

    So delicious!! Everyone in my home loves this soup! Can not wait to try more of Ed’s soups.

  7. Adena

    Absolutely Deliciously Beautiful. The. Best. Soup. Ever!!!!

  8. Laurie

    Best Mulligatawny ever!Will get this again.Made enough for 3 meals for 2.

  9. Madylin

    I have no idea what a Mulligatawny is… what I do know is that this soup is delicious. Typically I prefer to do all my cooking from scratch, as packaged products often disappoint. However this is just as good as home made! I didn’t blend it (though I’m sure it would have been incredible blended) and I didn’t have coconut milk or yogurt on hand, so I used sour cream and it was still just wonderful. The thickness and texture is EXACTLY how I feel a soup should be, and how I could make most soups of my own conception. For the quantity of soup you end up with, and the ease of assembly, this is an absolute 11/10! Perfect soup to kick off soup season.

  10. Veryan Wolsak

    I tried it at the Professional Craft Fair in Nanaimo – and promptly bought one…..super wish I had bought more!! I shared with friends….now they want it. I love it as a busy single mum, it is nutritious and super tasty! Thank you!

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Mulligatawny Soup